Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daddy help me!

I've been to Florida before. I lived here once and went back home to Kentucky. My daddy lives in Kentucky. Me and my boyfriend were drinking beer with his friend Bobby and since I got a warrant and he has a warrant too, we decided to come back to Florida to live.

We just brought our clothes and towels and stuff like that. His momma's boyfriend knows a lady who lives in a trailer who needs someone to help her so were gonna rent a room from her. I don't mind helpin' old people.

Anyway, I was driving the car and I got pulled over. Come to find out the car was stolen! I swear to you I did not know this! I went to the jail and called a bondsman, he called daddy and I got out. So it was okay for a few days, I went to Sonny's and got a job as a waitress. I'll make some good money there. Well, I had a call from my bondsman who wanted me to come do paperwork and since we didn't have the car no more, I couldn't get up there like he wanted me too. I did finally get there and this man was pissed! He put the handcuffs on me and put me back in jail!

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