Daddy Come Get Me!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Biker BBQ!!

Wooo wee it's hot outside!!! Damn this summer is brutal! I'm at a BBQ at this girl Troubles house. It's off the chain FUN! How about a twenty foot waterside and a yard full of bikers for FUN! There's food but I've been too busy swimming and sunning. Raynella is having fun too she's drinking beer with the boys! My daddy spoke to me yesterday, said he was worried about me catching aids or dieing with a pipe in my hand. Duhhh, he has to know I'm tough and I've been through a lot and can survive my own damn self. This is why I stay gone. I need to get back to Vegas, Ray said she won't let me go she loves me too much, I like that and all but damn I'm getting nowhere here. I love her but I'm not gay just sick of men! She wants me to just stay up in the trailer all day watching soap operas and what not but that ain't me. If I get up to the Truck stop and get my nerve up I'll take off. I always do. I just haven't done it yet. Just gettin high and living one desperate moment to the next.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Raynella and me.

Well I'm alright don't pay the ransom!!!! I've been in Kentucky miserable as hell! Got back smoking crack and street whoring bad. I need to get outta here!! I met a female trucker at the truck stop she's my lover and girlfriend. There I said it! I'm tired of men!!! She takes good care of me and is helping me get off this pipe. Daddy's been mad at me as well as the whole family really. The only person who talks to me is Jessica. Her third nipple grew back and she has been wanting to get it removed again. The baby is good tho, she's a good momma! I'm a real mess! I miss Vegas but haven't got back there. Raynella wants me to stay in Kentucky. She's got a nice trailer and property outside of Paris. I stay there sometimes but I stole her power drill and pawned it which caused stress as you might well figure it would. She got it back but there's a trust issue now. I just get high and lay around. She didn't know nothing about my blog! I get to use her lap top to update as long as she's here with me. Whatever! So I stole power drill she don't even use!! I love y'all, write me I need the support right now!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year, new life, same shit!

Happy new year everybody! I'm still in Kentucky with daddy but I'm heading back to Las Vegas tonight. Had a nice Christmas with everybody. I run outta money after Christmas! Nothing much to speak of really, getting fat here with all this good food!! I'm wondering what's going on with my body I missed my period. Wouldn't that be some shit if I'm pregnant!! Omg I can't be!!! Thought I could not get pregnant? Trying not to think about it. Jules left me, she was gone when I got back from the grocery store. Ain't seen her since. That was the day after Christmas, I'm guessing she went back to Sam. She can't live down and out too long. Fucking bitch. Whatever I got to focus on me! Leaving on the bus at 7:20. I'll miss my family but I gotta head out. Hope I'm making the right decision to go back to Vegas. I wasn't doing so bad there. I kinda like my screwed up life!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jail sucks

So here I am, back from jail. Damn street whoring ain't for me anymore! I sat it out hell I don't want to go through all that court bullshit. Jules took care of things while I was gone. She really wants to go home for Christmas. I do too, I could do about a week at home. Honestly I'd go today but I don't want to ride the damn greyhound! Still bummed about being in jail. It is my way of earning a damn living! I would say it is a victim less crime but there is a victim, me. There ain't another job I can work and get by like I am. I'm not suited for anything else now that I'm a whore. I need to go home, need that Kentucky air. Should I go back to the bunny ranch? I won't get arrested but I'm so bored there! Auugghh, what to do. Maybe I need a new boyfriend! A nice guy with a big heart. None left from what I hear. I'm going to Kentucky fuck it I miss my daddy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Found my red bikini!

Guess what I found today??? My red bikini and my other dance panties that got stole off the line! Can you guess where I found them??? Under the matress in that damn perverts room! I was chatting with the maid when she come by his room, she knew about someone stealing my stuff. Anyhow, she went to flip the mattress and found them all laid out! Fucking weirdo. I knew he took them. I'm going to just washing them and carry on with it! He moved out, I'm a whore so how nasty could they be? Lots of washing will get them clean. It's nice to have my red bikini back, I look so hot in it! I did get to see an old friend yesterday. Remember that big guy I saw that was in town for the poultry convention?? It was a while back, any way he called, he was in town for a bachelor party. He wanted me to dance for the party. Hell yeah, that is straight up easy money!! No sex just dancing! Made a little more then $300 including tips! So I'm gonna smoke me a cigarette and drink this beer Jules just brought in. Y'all write to me!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Go home pretty girl, save your soul.

So here I am. Missing my daddy today. I just got off the phone with him, he's doing good, I always hope he's not drinking as much. I got trashed last night, getting tired of waking up with a hangover. Jules hasn't been very busy with the cab. So many cab drivers here in Vegas. I was having a hard time not smoking crack with miss Susan's sister. I know it's right there. All I got to do is walk over there. Jules said if I get on that shit again she's leaving. I can't loose my best friend over that. Anyhow, I started talking to this girl on the street has night. She's a runaway from Texas, so pretty not your average street whore. I tried to tell her to go home. She wasn't trying to here no advice. Hell I been on the street for ten years if not more. She hasn't sold her soul for this kinda living yet. She was busy too. The men who pay us also destroy us. She don't see that yet.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I got fired :(

I had this guy call me for a date. He's a horse breeder. Good sex, great tipper! He talked a lot about horses. I guess he makes a lot of money. Today is not the best day for me. Miss Susan's sister is smoking crack and I can smell it. Makes me jones so bad for it. I just want to go over and smoke with her. Damn Jules ain't here she'd help me by taking me out for a while. I got money in my pocket too, oh god what do I do. If I go over there I'll burn up every dollar I have. Damn! oh, I did get fired from the club. The boss caught me and this other chick snorting coke! Every girl there does coke but it's just me who gets fired. Fuck that job I can live off my dates. I'm in a bad mood, sorry about that.