Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm sick today, but my memories are keepin' me company

The idea of spending one more god dern day in this fucking filth hole is makin' my skin crawl. I do not like it here. When we were smoking and drinking and having fun I never thought about bad stuff like jail, or no money. My boyfriend is such an asshole he aint come to see me once. I'm gonna be stuck in Florida alone. Before I met my boyfriend I was doing good. I had a job at the Dairy Queen by the hi-way. I met a lot of nice men there. After I got off I would go to the bar at the truck stop acrost the street and meet men who would take me to different states.

Arkansas was nice the trip I went there was ok. I was with this older guy who was married so when his wife would call I'd be quite. He bought me everything! I got a new t-shirt at every stop, and shot glasses! I sent my daddy a post card and kept up good with my best friend Cindy.

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