Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's just Thursday, I'm on the rag :(

Well, I started my period today. I haven't used pads since I was in middle school. This is the worstes day of my life. Everyday it's a contest to see if it's the worst day of my life. Was it drinking at 13, sex at 14, drugs, bad men or bad ideas. School would've been a good idea, but when you're young you think you know know every god damn thing. I was in a small town and Mtv looked so good what else was there, feed stores?

When I was in Mississippi I went to a casino. It was magical all the humming of the slot machines, the pretty lights and the people made it feel like a different world. I wanted a job as a waitress or a bartender anything really to be part of it. Now look at me. When I get out of here I'm going to Mississippi or New Orleans and look for a job in a casino. My daddy would be proud if I got a job like that!

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