Saturday, December 27, 2008

Baby shower pictures!

Look at them girls! I got the pictures today from the baby shower. Renae said it was a lot of fun. I'm tryin' not to think about the fact that Christmas came and went while I was in here. We got Salsberry steak for dinner. I decided when I get out I'm going to Las Vegas. This girl in here said you can make a lot of money working out there. I could get a job in a kitchen, maybe be a baker or a waitress.

I had another terrible idea. I could go to one of them bunny ranches and be a prostitute. I read something about it online, how they got to wear condoms and get tested every month and how safe it is. Some of them girls make lots of money! What would I tell my daddy I was doing? I got to make it to my next court date, hopefully I can be out of here soon.

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