Monday, December 22, 2008

Hamdogs today!

Well, the conditions here are just terrible. Teesha's got moved to A pod and I won't get to she her much no more. I spent two hours with the pastor today. We read from the bible and I cried, I know I'm not suppose to think of myself but think of poor people and jesus and stuff but I really want out of jail. Daddy is sending me a lot of mail, his last letter said a guy named Duke stopped by to see me. I use to get crystal from him. Daddy don't know about that, he just thinks he's a friend.

The only good thing about today is hamdogs! Ground beef wrapped around a hotdog, deep fried and then stuck in a hot dog bun. It's a special treat because it's so close to Christmas. When I get out I'm gonna try to make these hamdogs my way for daddy and maybe for Teesha. I'm lonely without my cell mate :(

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