Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day dreamin' about night dreamin'

So today I was lookin' into the whole bunny ranch thing out in Las Vegas. I think I could do that! Really! I go out with guys and end up having sex with 'em for little or nothing, might as well get paid?? I been thinking about it all day, how glamorous to stay at the bunny ranch waiting for men to come and choose you! Probably just a pipe dream, a dope pipe dream.

I dreamt about getting high last night. It felt so good, it was like the first time I ever smoked crack. Sooo high. Travis my cousin that's in prison for burglary showed me crack for the first time in high school. His momma and daddy are in the picture above. They are so good to me. Sent me $10 for cookies along with the nicest letter.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely choose you at the bunny ranch Mary. You're cute and I think probably pretty sassy. It would be hot to ride your little cotton tail.

Mary said...

Well thank you!! That is so sweet! I'm still thinking about it, all the way to Nevada. My confidence was lifted by that :) Thanks for reading.