Saturday, January 3, 2009

God pod and Christain girls

The thing about being here that bugs me the most, is shit like what I just went through. I was in the box for a few days for fightin' my cellie Michelle. I was trying to get my hair braided by this other girl. Yes she's black so what, I am not an ignorant bitch who worries about shit like that. Michelle is an ignorant bitch who don't know when to stop running her mouth. I told her to lower her voice or we'd be fightin' and that's just what happened.

New Years eve spent alone sucked so bad. I sat and plucked my leg hairs for entertainment. I haven't shaved in weeks so it was easy to grab 'em and yank 'em out. My legs are so smooth now! You can only sleep so much, that's what I did at first, that and miss daddy. I really miss my daddy he's the best, he deserves a better daughter. The pastor said I could continue this blog if I'd go to G-pod or God pod as the other girls call it. All Christian girls together prayin' and being Christian. That's him in the picture with his wife and kids, he's so nice.

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