Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big dinner near Gainesville!

A big dinner is what I needed, and I love seafood so I just did it I took myself out for dinner!!! Bags are packed and I'm on the road. I feel so good. Sonya gave me a joint for when it's real boring driving and said to call her when I smoke it. She is cool, wish she could be with me on this trip.

I got the oil and a spare tire also a Christmas tree air freshener and some sodas for my cooler. I can't spend my money anymore!! I called the Bunny Ranch and told them I was leavin' and expected to be there in 5 days. How exciting!! Before I go to the Bunny Ranch I'm stayin' at a hotel for the night to get rested and a look pretty. I still ain't dyed my hair, I'll get to that before I get there.

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