Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leaving for Las Vegas!

Guess what?? I'm packin' up to go right now! I really don't have much. I'm gonna let Sonya and Peaches stay in my room for the last two days. We've been hanging out a lot and I kinda hate to take off because I feel like we are good friends and it's been so long since I had good friends. I told my job I was leavin' too, they are so sweet to me. They put "Good luck Mary" on the sign out front. If I don't go do this now I feel I'll never leave.

Daddy told me to get some oil and keep it in the back of the truck just in case, I need a spare tire too. I got it all set on the computer which way to go. My boyfriend called daddy, he wants to talk to me but I am not calling him, he is a no good low-life piece of shit and I don't need him to pull me down no more. Peaches said to forget him and move on. I really wanted someone to go with me but I'll be okay by myself I guess.

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