Sunday, January 25, 2009

Down and out in New Orleans :(

Well I have spent the day with a major headache. I found my clothes and shoes near me in that crack house I woke-up in. I am heartbroken. I can not call daddy because of what I was doing in that crack house. What will I do from here? I have spent most of the day at the bank of the Mississippi watching the barges go by. I'm out of cigarrettes and I need a bath.

Once again I have fucked-up. I only have about $5 left and that's gonna be cigarettes in a minute. I got to think fast on how I can make some money to get on a bus and get to Las Vegas. Tonight I'm going back to the bar I was at last night to see if anybody there saw me involved with anyone. Hell maybe my truck is there! I'll bathe-off in a bathroom somewhere and try to make myself look the best I can. If I got to start my "job" early just to get me to Las Vegas I will. Hell I've passed it out for free plenty of times, this time I need bus fare!