Monday, January 26, 2009

I could be your girlfriend ;)

I've been standing outside this dump all day. No one has even asked if I'm "working" or nothin'. I have bummed a bunch of cigarettes and got about $4 in change. I talked to this crazy girl wandering around and she told me the church down the street would feed me at 5 o'clock. I did talk to this other girl who said they'd hire me to dance at this other bar around the corner. I just don't got any dancin' shoes.

This place is giving me the heebe-geebes. I mean it! I can't say what it is that's got time stood still here. It stinks here real bad too. I got to find sexy shoes and some cheap make-up, oh and a place to sleep sometime tonight. I can do this. I have to keep focused and keep my mind over my matter.

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