Monday, January 5, 2009

Kentucky won't come get me!

       Well court didn't go as bad as I thought.  They sent a letter from Kentucky sayin' they wouldn't bring me back on them bad checks.  If I ever get arrested in Kentucky again they'd bring it on then.  So that's good news.  My grand theft charge is still holding me here.  I am going to that bunny ranch when I get out. I need a change of scenery.  That's Patty, Laverne, Daysha and Momma D waiting to see the judge, Pastor let me take this picture.

      The Pastor and I talked for a good long time today.  I told him I was going to Las Vegas to be a baker when I get out, I can't really tell him what I got planned. All afternoon I thought about polishing my toenails and fingernails, getting my hair done, laying out in the sun and just generally taking care of myself.  When we get to go outside in the yard next I'm gonna roll up my sleeves and pants to get a suntan.

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