Sunday, January 4, 2009

Toothpaste money and Sunday with Teesha

I got a letter from daddy today!! He sent me $25 for my commissary account so now I'll get some real toothpaste. I've been using that nasty stuff they give you for free. Waiting to go to court in a few days has got my stomach in knots. Daddy said everything is gonna be okay, I believe him but I'm still so nervous.

The radiator in daddy's Cadillac went out. He said it's a heater coil. I don't know much about cars but tomorrow he'll be out in the yard fixing it with his buddy Dale. They been friends since they was little. Teesha was in my pod today she goes to church services on Sunday with all the Christian girls. I got to sit with her and talk a little. She's so nice. Her momma got a new washin' machine for Christmas, if I get to stay with her when I get out I can use it she said.

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