Thursday, February 12, 2009

Launderland, Delaware with Patsy and Keisha

I've been sitting here most of the day.

I washed what clothes I have left and met Patsy and Keisha, they're heading out west to work in some show. I am so tired, I keep falling asleep watching my clothes turn in the dryer. Yawnnnnn......

Patsy the girl in the pink is so nice. She said she would let me ride with them if I could help them with their costumes like ironing, washing, keeping them hanging smooth for their shows. They got a bunch of fancy sequin dresses and fans with beautiful feathers and rhinestones They do strip shows in gay bars and strip joints. I told them what I plan on doing, I don't think they think I can do it. They have a van to travel in, so maybe I can actually get there. These girls are serious! At this point I got not nothing much to loose. They aren't heavy party girls, they have a plan and they're sticking with it. I'm gonna learn something from them!

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