Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The fire feels good at the homeless camp.

    I found the shelter and I just can't stay there.It is filthy and scary and I could get robbed there in a minute.  Some nice homeless people told me to follow Miss Mena to the camp in the woods so here I am.  Miss Mena is the lady in the last picture, I think she's crazy, like mentally crazy but as long as she don't hurt me I'm okay.  She talks and talks about a dog that I ain't seen yet, calls him and pets him and even puts food down for him, his name is Tommy.

   She said she like me 'cause Tommy likes me.  I just go along with it, I figure an invisible dog is pretty safe?  So I act like I scratch his ears and she laughs.  I have got to get out out here.  Today I am going to get up by the hi-way and try to hitch a ride somewhere.  I'm not callin' daddy for help I can do this and I will get back on track.

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