Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look at Patsy as Durrell!

I was right, they are both men! That is Patsy when she is a boy! We have had a good time traveling the past few days, I am moving west! We talked about growin' up, boys, make-up just about everything! He said he always knew he was gay. I don't mind gay people, my cousin Kenny in Mississippi is gay. Kenny told his daddy he was gay and got kicked out at 14. I though it was terrible when I heard about that.
I called my daddy today. I think he's worried about me. Aunt Gaynelle was at daddy's house getting speck lines ready. They are going to spend the next few days catching fish to sell uptown. Keshia spoke a lot about her Aunt Jewel, that was like her mama. Her real mama is in prison for life for killing her father. Keisha is quieter then Patsy.

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