Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Aunt Bunny and her baby Krystal.

I've been looking through what I have left of my past. This little photo album is full of how nice things were before my life got shot all to hell with drugs and men and other bullshit. Being a kid in Kentucky was fun, it changed so fast it seems. My days were spent between Aunt Gaynelle and her sister Bunny. Bunny was always wanting kids, but something is wrong with her vagina it's tilted or something anyhow she liked raising me up and sewing clothes for me.

Summers come and went and her vagina stayed tilted so she went and adopted a baby from Ohio.  She named her Krystal May, which is a beautiful name.  Krystal's momma was addicted to cocaine when she was born so the state took her and my Aunt adopted her as a baby.  She adored that child, made her beautiful handmade dresses and entered her in beauty contests which she did very well in.  That was years ago, Krystal is in high school now and is a good girl.  I hope she stays away from trouble.  Aunt Bunny is mad at me, I stole some stuff from her house when I was high once.  I still feel terrible about it.  Even if I repaid her it will never be the same.


Anonymous said...

Wow mary. Way to bring down a room. Is that a picutre of you? You know I'd probably still milk it with you if I was high

Mary said...

Milk it with me, whats that mean?