Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ridin' high with Chris :)

This is so much fun! Way up above the road ridin' in style! Me and Chris are having a blast and I found out she smokes weed so we've been stoned since we left Vernon. This truck stop were at is a good one. Lots of cool stuff to buy, clean showers, a cafe and lots of men! I'm no fool, I can tell Chris is kinda sweet on me. I'm not gay but I have been with women before. She's a little rough for me. If I spent a few hours here I could make some money off these men. This girl she said her name was Patty works this whole lot and makes about $200 a night!

Chris is takin' her shower first, then I'm gettin' mine. I got to sleep while she drove last night and it was the best rest I've had in a long time. I called daddy and told him about missin' the bus and hitchin' up with Chris. He likes the idea of having someone to travel with. I just wonder how much longer I can roll with her before she wants some!

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