Friday, February 6, 2009

New Jersey bound for now.

Taking a break from the road tonight. Chris and me have been driving for two days. Well, she's been drivin' I've been sleeping and singing and eatin', just letting my mind go. We're headin' for New Jersey for a pick-up and then straight to Las Vegas. I don't mind the trip I ain't never been up that way and she likes the company.

Chris woke me up with some ice she picked-up in Oklahoma. I haven't touched it since rehad. Well just once, with Bobby before I left to Florida. I'm real high and were going out to a bar she stops at when she rolls through Missouri. It's cold as hell here! I wanted to wear something sexy but I am straight freezin'. I'm still gonna beat the pants off these boys in pool tonight!!



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Mary said...

Thank you honey! I am so new to this, I learned in rehab and have been hooked ever since! I'm gonna try that chat box!