Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Change is comin'

I'm back! I slept all the way home with a cocktail and a lortab. I called Marcus from the ranch and he came and picked me up . I'll be ready to work tomorrow even though my arm is in a sling. That's real pretty :( I'll be shaving my legs tonite, painting my nails picking out something pretty getting ready for this life not the hillbillies upbringin' I just left behind.

It was so nice to see Jules!! She missed me while I was gone. Tonight it's a Hawaiian party on the deck. Just gonna relax and get the jet lag out of my head. Some fancy drink and another lortab should do the trick. Trick, I'm a trick I sell my ass and I'm ok with it. I got no real skills, money is changin' me. I'm ok with that too.

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