Monday, April 13, 2009

Going back to Nevada tonight.

Well, I'm headin' back to Nevada tonight. Been home long enough to where people are startin' to think I moved back. I been taking my arm out of the sling and trying to stretch it out so I'll be able to work when I get back. Kentucky will always be my home but If I stay much longer I'll get into some shit that'll keep me here.

Daddy sure likes having me around. I've been cookin' for him and cleanin'. He needs a woman but they never last long 'cause of his drinking. I went over to Missy's last night, we got drunk as shit and I slept over at her house. Her old man is a truck driver and is only home a few days a month. We were "girlfriends" in the past and last night we went there again. Feelin' a woman is better then a man, it's something you already know. Missy said she'd take me to the airport, daddy still don't got the truck runnin'. Her truck is looking good, they just need to get that yard mowed. Maybe let the billy goats out, they'd take care of it! I'm looking forward to leaving, I need to make some money!

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