Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day trip to vegas :)

Good morning...., I'm going into Vegas with Jules and Traci! Just a quick day trip into town from the desert should pick up my spirits. I've been thinking about daddy so much lately. He called to tell me he got the money I sent him for the tractor. I can't get this guilt outta my throat, I have never lied about something this big to him before. I just don't know how he'd feel about me being a professional hooker.

My house momma likes me, she says I'm a good worker. I try to get along with everyone and she likes that I'm always ready to work. Hell I know what broke is, If I can help it I'm gonna avoid it! When Traci goes to the courthouse me and Jules are gonna go gamblin' and talk to guys about visiting us at the ranch. Jules is a trip, she is getting all dressed up, I will too I guess. Yawn, I'm just not ready for today.

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