Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm going to Kentucky on a plane :)

I hit the slots at Sam's Town for $2,ooo!! Can you believe it???? I was mostly just sitting there sipping beers for free and the starts and bars machine went off and I won $2,000!! My luck is usually not this good! I'm going home for a few days to see daddy. It's gonna be a surprise. I bought my plane ticket and I'm leavin' tonight!

I haven't seen daddy in so long! I got a pocket full of money and new stuff to show off, I'm a little afraid of bein' in Kentucky, it makes me want bad stuff like meth. I can't go through that again. Everything is going so well. How can I avoid that shit?? Just stick with daddy, spend all my time with him and don't tell anyone I'm in town. I'm excited and scared my favorite feeling.

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