Monday, April 20, 2009

One more night at the Hard Rock hotel :)

Oh, I love the Hard Rock hotel!! The bunny ranch lets us come and go pretty much, and since Vegas is so close me and Jules are going to spend the night here again. We'll work the bar and casino floor for "dates" and just have some fun. The ranch gets old after a while, it's nice and it's my home but I have a hard time sittin' still! I slept damn near till 2 pm and when I woke up Willie had left a message!! He wants me to get the weekend off and take a trip with him on his bike to Los Angeles!!! That has got me so excited! I'm not seein' him till later so I'll see who's at the bar that might want a date. Jules went out earlier and has had two dates already!

Willie is so sweet. I like him :) He wants to take me to LA and stay on Hollywood Blvd for the weekend, meet some of his friends and just hang out! How did I get so lucky! Daddy said luck ain't nothin' but hard work, which is true. I'm gonna work hard this week so I can enjoy my weekend with Willie. Let's see what trouble I can stir up today!! I'm gonna out looking for Doris.

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