Sunday, April 19, 2009

My date with Willie!

    Oh my god, I couldn't wait to wake up and tell you about my date with Willie!!!  We had so much fun! First he showed up like a real gentleman and brought me a beautiful pink rose with the queen of heart card tied to it!  I thought that was so nice!  We had some some drinks and he asked me about Kentucky and my broken arm and stuff, we just talked and talked.  Then we ate dinner at a very nice buffet he knew about at this casino on the old strip.  I tried not to eat too much 'cause my jeans were already tight.  We played some blackjack and then decided to go for a ride on his motorcycle!

    This gave me a chance to get close to him, and he is so sexy!!!  We went up to Lake Mead and watched the water flow and the people drive by.  That's when he kissed me!  I was so nervous!  Like before I met Bobby Jack and rehad.  We talked more but I never said what I did for a living.  I told him to drop me off at the Hard Rock I was going to catch a ride home with my roommate Jules.  Jules was at the Hard Rock all night getting dates.  We split the cost of the room which wasn't cheap but it was nice.  I told her all about him!  What happens next????  I know he'll be okay with my job, he just has to be! 

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