Friday, April 17, 2009

Wille called, we're going out on a date :)

Today was a good day. The party we had went great I made $1,200!! That kind of money is crazy for me to make in one night. I'm still getting use to it. When I worked at the egg farm in Kentucky I worked all day for about $35. Lil' Miss Kentucky finally gets a break!!! I'm all out of lortab, Jules said she could get me some from this guy she knows but we'll see, them things are too nice and I could get use to 'em.
Willie called me a minute ago. He wants to see me! Oh my lord, I am sooooo excited about this! We are going out on a date but he can't pick me up here, I'll have Marcus drive me to Las Vegas and Willie can meet me up to the Hard Rock bar or something. What will I wear? Something sexy, something new. We need to go shopping, Jules loves to shop she's my best friend.

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