Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getting ready for my date with Willie :) Tried to find Doris:(

Well I'm leaving soon to go out on my first date with Willie! Jules and me went out shopping yesterday, I got a new outfit a matching purse and some sexy high heels!!! We're gonna meet up at the bar, I told him 4 pm would be good, I'm gonna get dropped off at 3:30 so I can drink a quick Southern Comfort before he gets there. Daddy likes Southern Comfort, he drinks that when he can afford it, or on Christmas. I am excited about this!! I haven't been on a date in a real long time!

When I went shopping earlier I looked for Doris. She wasn't at that hotel anymore and I didn't see her on the same corners we walked. I did see this guy that knows her and he said Buck got out of jail and they were together for a bit, then he beat her ass and he don't know what happened from there. Her phone is disconnected. It's hard to keep up with people.

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