Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I don't like workin' Orlando.

Some days it just don't pay to get out of bed. I've been staying here in Orlando for about a week now and only been able to make $20 - $60 at a time! Blow jobs are usually $30 here I'm lucky to get $20!! It's full of hookers here, it's a price war! Maybe I should get over my pride that I can be more in life. At the bunny ranch I made crazy money, had my living expenses covered pretty much and I ate good! Traveling I'm just a straight up 'hoe and that's worse!!

Jules set up the Craigs list ad. She always finds dates right away, old men who end up just lovin' her and pay for anything she wants. Why aren't I doing that???? I know how to attract loser guys without money. I'm doin' something soon with myself, good or worse then this.

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