Friday, July 17, 2009

Good bye Daytona, I'll miss you.

Well, this is not what you want to hear I know but we left Daytona. After the whole Sea World thing I knew I was done with Roger. He isn't gonna be shit, just Daytona trash and I'm not staying there even though I do love it. Danny was all for the idea of leavin', he paid what we owed at the motel and left after dark. I got tired of dancing on a bar, the money is too slow and I was working all night for it. Being a paid "date" is where the money is so that's what I'm going back too.

Jules was setting up ads and found out some place called Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando was the place to be for our kinda work. So here we are! I don't even know the name of this dump! Danny likes the area he found some big gay bar that is more like a club or something, it's called the Parliament House. He's been there hanging out by the pool all day flirting with boys. I see dope boys everywhere, I will have a hard time resisting them. I'll not call daddy for a few days he wouldn't like this area.

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