Friday, August 21, 2009

I'll be nurse Mary!

Thomas is starting to drive me crazy, I know why his relationship with his wife is so bad, he's an asshole who cheats on her! He comes around less and less which is fine with me. He helped me and I appreciate it but how much does he expect from me? How do you pay someone back for that? I don't know what to do?? Bill said he'd help me but I am so damn tired of jumpin' man to man. I talked to daddy again today, he'll accept my calls every time I call but I know they're getting too expensive for him. He told me to call on Sunday he'll be at Aunt Gaynelle's for dinner.

Selling shooters is just silly. I ain't making enough to pay my damn bar tab! I did laundry today for Bill. He said he'd give me $10 to wash and fold his stuff. It's hard to feel good about yourself making $10 for a few hours work when it's so easy to just whore around and make a couple hundred. It should be the other way around but for years I've made a living off my skin! I need a real job! I looked through the paper today, did the crossword puzzle and smoked a cigarette or two but the job listings aren't for me. Make $1,500 a day from the comfort of your home, how am I gonna work from home? Maybe I could be a nurse? Ha. Probably not that either.


Anonymous said...

So, do you think you are going to stay in Texas? or go somewhere else? Still praying for you and for guidance to your next steps in your journey.

Mary said...

Oh thank you! I need all the prayers I can get! I hardly ever stay anywhere too long. I talked to daddy and he really wants me to come home. I'm gonna work on that thought and see if I can see my next direction :)