Sunday, August 23, 2009

The days go by...

Today was a good day. Last night at the bar I met some bikers, they told me about a BBQ to help this lady who has cancer anyhow I got invited to go so I did. She's real nice, so pleasant for someone who has only a short time left to live. Her doctor told her she had about a year if she lived healthy and avoided drinking and smoking. Well if that ain't something to think about? It was a nice time outside with people I didn't know.

Selling jello shots has lost it's luster. I didn't even go the other day. I guess it's not one of them jobs you need to worry about on a resume! I been writing to daddy pretty much everyday. I miss him. I called my Aunt Gaynelle and she said he's drinking a lot and she's worried about him. He never tells me he's doing anything but good. I think she wants me to come home and take care for him so she won't have to. Jessica is getting out of control, she doesn't go to her ROTC class anymore all she does is run with that boy she's seein'. It seems like the best place for me is home in Kentucky. I never thought I was a good role model for anyone but Jessica looks up to me somehow and I owe that to my Aunt Gaynelle to help her keep her baby girl out of anymore trouble.

What is there to do here? I talk to Bill he's interesting but kinda stuck in his routine. He doesn't always have time to just hang out. Thomas is back into his routine of traveling for business and can't see me much. He came by before he went to Colorado and left me a cell phone. He must think I'm his girl on the ready. I am not. He saved me, I thanked him over and over again and now what do I do? How do I get out of this sticky situation without getting caught?? I guess It'll come to me.

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