Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good bye Texas! I'll sure miss you :)

I've been talking to Jules!!! She's coming to get me! Even though Texas has been a lot of fun, and it rehabed me like no other place has it's not my home and I need to get back to it. She's driving this way now from Virginia and we'll be here sometime in the next few hours. I got a small bag packed, that's all I'm taking.

I went and told Bill I was leavin' and Miss Venus the curtain lady. Bill was so nice he told me to take his number and if he's ever in Kentucky he'll call me and have me out for spaghetti. That's so nice to know there's a man out there that's interested in just your company nothing else! I'll be strong this time, I will not fall back into a comfortable pattern of self destruction. I'm not a working girl anymore!!!!

Jules told me she's been layin' low too. Sam is her "new" "boy" friend. He's near 75, has a full bank account and a taste for reliving his youth he lost by working everyday of his life till he retired. She says he's a lot of fun but I don't know if she was just sayin' that cause he could hear her or not. They go bowling and eat out almost every night. His family is worried about him of course because his new girlfriend is 27 years old and an obvious hustler. I figure someone of that age knows what he's doing, been around long enough to decide what he wants to do and can do whatever he wants with his money! She talked about his house and his dog the kind of life she would like to have had as a girl. Jules had a rough time growing up, no father around, mother was a big mess, unstable home or none at all. Jules is always looking for her daddy. I can't wait to see her :)

Texas has been so good to me. I will never forget how humble a tent in a campground in the middle of summer in Arlington, Texas has made me. Sometimes in life you need some humbling, before this I found it in jail! I wasn't locked up in Texas, I am free. Free to be what's right and clear to choose what's best. I know right from wrong and I have proven to myself to be strong enough now to do the right thing even if it's damn hard.


Anonymous said...

Texas will miss you! So, are yall headed back to Virginia? Keep us all updated. I want to know you are ok. I know you are strong enough to keep the old life in the past. Have fun!

Mary said...

Awwwww!!! I sure will miss Texas! I learned so much from the my time there. Sam is so nice he was an alcoholic for many years and said if I want to be free from drugs and alcohol I just have to stay strong. All? You mean there's more then just you who reads me? I'm okay, Sam's got the biggest house I've ever been in. It's real nice! Write more later :) Thanks for caring about me :)

Anonymous said...

My husband mom and I all follow you. They are always asking what you are up to. So, yes there is at least of few of use Texan's reading. Glad you made it there safe! Be good, be strong and have fun!