Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Rocky Mountains are breath taking!

Oh my lord I am so tired! I haven't slept since leavin' Texas me and Jules have been so busy catching up. Staying at Sam's house has been real good for her, she's been eating good and is overall in better health. Jules has diabetes even though she won't admit to it. She told me Danny Parker stayed in Orlando and is doing great living with a guy he's in love with! He's in school and is doing real good.

Jules says Sam will buy her whatever she wants and she just tends to his needs. He's too old for sex but sure loves her company and her silly side. She tells him dirty jokes and plays hide and go seek in his big house. I keep tellin' her she's Anna Nicole Smith, which she says is not funny! Depends on which side of the joke you're on. She knows how to get by without it ever looking like she's using someone. I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I didn't tell Thomas I was leaving Texas. Just left the tent like it was with the phone he gave me next to a note of thanks and good wishes for him. He was there for me and that I'll never forget but our time together was over.

Tomorrow is french toast day. Sam says we both got to get up early and have coffee with him on the back deck. It's beautiful and overlooks the mountains, such a nice view to start the day. I'm starting over once again, with two good feet and a head full of good intentions. Please don't let them take me back to hell!

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