Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Headin' to Kentucky again, hope this time it's home.

Here I am again. This time I'm spending in Virginia is making me want to go home so bad but I am not so sure Jules is wanting to go. She likes being here with Sam and she has it made. All we have to say is go and he's ready. We're always going out to dinner or lunch. It's fun but my belly is gettin' too big!! I'm not even thinking about drugs :)

I told Jules about everything I remember from when I was in Orlando and Black had me working the streets. That was my rock bottom. She said that her and Danny looked everywhere for me and no one would say anything. Everybody Jules showed my picture too said they hadn't seen me, even people who she knows knew something about me. It makes me a little sad to know I was so disposable.

Daddy and I talk everyday. He's so proud of me for not doing drugs and getting my life back in order. He said I don't need to travel with Jules I can be her friend and still come home. So I think that's what I'll do. I am losing that feeling I had in Texas were I felt good about taking care of myself on my own. Sam is too generous and I feel bad living off him. I'm going home next week. Daddy is sending me a bus ticket. One more trip, one more day on the road. Will I find what I've been looking for all along at home this time?


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you for staying clean! That is quite a feat. I know your daddy will be excited to see you! You can make it on your own, Jules will be your friend even if yall aren't together. Have a safe trip to Kentucky.

Mary said...

It's a real struggle! So much temptation, I never stop thinking about it. I look forward to your support!!!