Thursday, November 5, 2009

The unusual angel.

Today I talked to a woman who watched another woman kill a man. She showed up at the camp behind the truck stop sometime before dawn. I listened to her talk from my blanket by the tree for a good thirty minutes before I got up and went and joined the others by the fire. She was rambling and talking non-stop in directions we couldn't keep up with mostly. She was for sure crazy, but I believed her when she spoke of what she had seen.

My life is broken glass all over a hard floor, but hell this girl my never be right again. She didn't speak directly to me for hours but as the others left the camp and the sun got higher I became her only friend. Some lady at this crack house hit a man with a pipe wrench for no clear reason. All she could say was how it come out of nowhere, nothing started this fight it was like something snapped. This girl watched her boyfriend hold the man that was hit, he was dieing and bleeding to death in his hands. Her boyfriend laid him down and the blood run out of him like a spigot. She said she was so scared she couldn't move, her boyfriend drug him outside to the edge of the woods and told her to go get something to bury him with. Instead she ran, from which direction I don't know. That's when she lost it and layed down and cried and cried. I brushed the hair out of her eyes and in no time she was sleeping.

When you start your day with that it's a true sign. I covered her with the old blanket I had put a bottle of water I had by her side. Then I called my daddy. We talked for near two hours, he told me he couldn't send another ticket he didn't have anymore money. I'm getting out of here anyway possible today. I will not go back to that camp. I can help myself. I'll write again as soon as I can hopefully from Kentucky. That women will be the reason I never smoke crack again.


DAVE BONES said...

s this a real blog or is it fiction? Its really interesting either way.

Mary said...

Thank you! It's way out there I realize but it is my life and it is real. I'll be writing more as soon as I can. Thanks again!

Your friend,