Friday, December 4, 2009

Home again :)

Hello again. I'm in Kentucky and I am fine. What a struggle I went through to get here this time. I spent Thanksgiving at my Aunt Gaynelle's house. It was so nice and everything tasted so good. I finally made it home the night before Thanksgiving. This nice lady picked me up, I was hitchhiking and freezing all the way to the bone and this nice lady gave me a ride all the way home. I was so dirty I don't know how she would stop for me but thank you Jesus that she did!

Daddy isn't mad at me anymore. He'll love me no matter what. This time I want to get help, for real this time. Everyone looked at me funny, they knew I had been a hooker which is trash in their eyes. Hell I got to agree with them! I feel like trash! The nightmares come a lot about that girl I met at the campfire. I just got to where I could use the Internet again and I looked up murders in that area and I couldn't find nothing. I'm going to the clinic next Wednesday there's a shrink I'm gonna talk to. Maybe he can help me get better.

Detox is no joke. I was shaky and sick and just nasty feelin'. I smoked cigarettes till I was sick, but today I'm better. Not as sick and not like I was. Things are gonna be good, this time I'm making the most out of this time at home. I haven't smoked crack since that night and I'm sticking by it this time.

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