Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas shopping with Terry and Jessica :)

Well of all things I've been Christmas shopping! Me and my cousin Terry who use to be a terrible crystal meth monster, has gone clean and is doing real good! Terry is Jessica's older sister, Aunt Gaynelle's first born girl. Anyway, we went up to Sears to get some Christmas presents and daddy some new work pants. He likes their pants the best and if anyone goes to the mall he'll get you to pick him up a few pairs because you all know daddy is not going to the mall! He gave me $50 and said I could have the rest so I found some perfume for Aunt Gaynelle and while Jessica wasn't looking I got a pair of earrings she'll just love! Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was a nice normal day nothing like the craziness I've been through lately.

Later today I'm going to a Christmas party with Danny. He found some other gay people just up the road in Lexington and they hit it off pretty good. It's a Disco/BBQ and y'all know I love BBQ! Danny is the funniest, he made perverted Christmas cookies for this party. I do not know where you would find a penis shaped cookie cutter but they do sell them and he found it! I guess it'll keep you from eating too many cookies! I told him I'd bring deviled eggs, I make some real good deviled eggs!!!

Now I know you'll think I'm nuts but I called Bobby Jack's momma. She was always good to me and just because he did me wrong doesn't mean I should not speak to his momma. I seen her at the Wal Mart but she didn't see me, I just ducked behind the kitty liter and she walked by. Her phone number is still the same, hell it's been the same for 40 years so I called her. She apologized for her son over and over, it's not her fault he's an abusive piece of garbage??!!! Maybe it is? I don't know but this time of the year makes you want to heal your past as much as you can. She said Bobby is doing pretty good, he broke up with that nice girl who worked at the bank, why he'd do that I don't know she was a good catch for him. No, I'm not interested I can tell what you're thinking. You know I do not want that man again! Once you spend 30 days in jail over some loser that pretty much wets the fire!!

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