Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guess what?????

Today has been such a good day! Danny Parker is here at his mamma's house! We spent all day talking like girls and catching up from where we left off. He even went through his closet at his mamma's house and helped to put together this computer so I can write more. He thinks it's a good idea that I keep my fingers busy! His boyfriend in Orlando, is wanting to get married and it's all just moving too fast so he came home to clear his head and decide if that's what he wants with his life. He just come out the damn closet why would he settle on the first man that comes long? Besides, trying to tell Mrs. Parker what two men are doing married is not something anyone is trying to explain!

I feel so good here at home. Everyone has a home and if you are away from it too long you'll really start to break down. I did too, all over the country it seems. Daddy knows I've been out there a mess on the street, into drugs, with stranger and who knows what else but he just looks at me and sees his baby girl and that balances everything out. I might have been a 'hoe to get by, and I am an addict, but I am a daughter, an Aunt and a good friend. He hugs me and tells me "it'll be okay baby, just keep your chin up" and then everything is fine.

It's been so nice to see my cousin Jessica too. He gained some weight since I was here last but that's okay it'll keep the boys off her I hope. She's been dating this boy who's big into the FFA the Future Farmers of America, for sometime. He's a good boy from here with a good family, not a drug user or nothing like that. Jessica is so sweet she said when she gets her paycheck from Pizza Hut she's buying some hair dye and she's gonna "wash that grey right outta my hair" I told her I earned every damn one of them grey hairs !! She's a trip!

I'm doing so good and I really feel like myself again. Thank you everyone who reads this, ya'll really keep me going. Yes, this constant craziness is real, it's my life and it is for real 100%. I get a lot of lookie-loos wanting to know what's up with me and if I'm real. I figured I'd share that little bit. Happy Holidays my friends =)


Anonymous said...

I still check in on your site everyday to see if you have updated. It is good that you are home for the Holidays. Your family time is doing you good! How's Jules? Your daddy is right. Keep your chin up. The Lord will take care of you.

Prayers from Texas

Mary said...

So sweet of you to ask! She's good, still with Sam and I guess he's okay too. Daddy is my strength he's helped me let go of all I was carrying. Thank you so much for checking up on me!