Sunday, December 27, 2009

One less turkey.

Oh Christmas was fun!!! I ended up with the most presents!!! Who would of thought that? I figured I was the bad girl and wasn't really expecting a thing. Daddy got me some jeans and a few nice tops, Aunt Gaynelle got me panties, bras and some soft fuzzy slippers, and my baby cousin Jessica got me a beautiful Angora sweater!! I felt so cheap passin' out jars of pickles :(

Terri pissed me off, she saw I was making pickles and then she started making pickles. Now how you gonna go and do what someone else is doing and give out the same gifts? How ridiculous? She's a bitch like that and I know were all suppose to be loving and thoughtful right now but she knew I was doing that and for her to turn around and make pickles as gifts was wrong. She did watermelon rind pickles which were so delicious, everyone got so happy when they saw those. Is it petty for me to still be mad about that?

Danny went back to Orlando to see his man. I miss him so. Jules never made it on Christmas but will be here for New Years she promised, Sam got here a new car! Wow, what a gift!! His family is so angry! It was a nice day over all, Aunt Gaynelle did most of the cooking, I made the mac & cheese and the corn bread, she did the turkey, green bean casserole and the sweet potatoes. Jessica's boyfriend got her a pretty little promise ring, young love is so sweet. I wish it could always be like that. Today and the rest of the week is just easy time. I need a boyfriend, someone to drink a beer with. I'm lonely now that Danny left.

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Anonymous said...

I would have been mad too, about the pickles. That was wrong of her to do that. I usually only give gifts to my extended family that I made too. I make chex mix and stuff like that. I have never made might have to teach me how. :) I'm sorry you are lonely right now. Good things are in store for you, I can feel it. Keep looking for a job, one will come along. Prayers from Texas