Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So many trees.

I couldn't sleep last night. I stayed up till damn near 5 am cleaning and organizing stuff, then I made a pot of coffee and just stayed up till daddy got up. I slept a little today but not but about 30 minutes. I met a nice guy at the BBQ, his name is Trevor. He's a black hairdresser from Detroit. He wants to fix my hair up, which I am all for!!

Spending my days around the house is getting old. I need to do something before I end up with time on my hands and you know where that leads. I want to get a job, I know Walmart won't hire me 'cause I'm a felon. It sucks to know I can't be President of the United States over that damn car we drove to Florida!!! Daddy said I should start a house keeping service, yawnnnn. Hell no I don't want to do that either. This is why I always leave Kentucky there is no work here. He said to stop looking for the forest and just see the trees. Strong statement I heard all my life that took nearly all my life to understand.

Last nights party was fun but I wouldn't mind meetin' some guys who like to date women! Even though I know it's a bad idea I haven't met anyone who could be my future ex-husband in a long time! What would I wear if I went out I have nothing but rags? Oh, speaking of wearing rags, Jessica has worn the same ugly sweatshirt for a damn week. It's her boyfriends and I know she's in love and all but I got to say this, I think she's pregnant. Now it's just my head thinking and that it could be nothing, but she has gained about 25 lbs, she is always tired, and is always covered up. Oh lord my thought better be wrong on this one my Aunt Gaynelle don't need anymore mouths to feed!

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