Sunday, January 17, 2010

$1 Lingerie

Howdy from Kentucky....
This places wears on you like tight corduroys, rough. I sit and smoke cigarettes and look forward to drinking beer on the porch. Today I'll cook for daddy again but Aunt Gaynelle is going to dinner at Jimmy's mommas house. Their all looking forward to the baby now. I ain't looking forward nothing. Of course the baby being born but that's 3 months away. Danny's having a blast in Orlando, he said he guessed all along Jessica was pregnant. I wish I was with Danny having fun. I did get to go to the dollar store today. Did you know they sell $1 lingerie? Of all things to buy for a dollar!

Trixie is gonna be my dog I think. Daddy's friend found work up in Virginia and won't be back for three months. I like her anyway. I'm sick of the damn cold too. I think I'm just sick of everything. Bobby Jack stopped by with a bag of baby clothes for Jessica, his momma made him bring them over. I borrowed Aunt Gaynelle's sewing machine and I'm redoing some of them to make them new. It's all I can do for her right now. I'll get some embroider thread and stitch baby on them so they are special. I'd make such a good wife If I could stand a man!!

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