Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jules is comin'!

Today was a good day, I spent half of it on the phone with Jules. She's coming to stay a week with me!! I need a week with Jules to pick up my spirits. She always makes me laugh!! We talked about going down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!! Can you picture me at Mardi Gras???? Holy shit!! I've been to New Orleans before but not for Mardi Gras, I was there on my way to Las Vegas.

I did laundry while I was on the phone, mine and daddy's then over to Aunt Gaynelle's and did hers and Jessica's. Aunt Gaynelle will pay me $15 for it and I need that for beer money. I can't wait for Jules to get here I want to go on our trip so bad! Jessica loves the baby clothes I'm redoing for her. She put a sleep shirt on a little hanger and hung it on a hook on her wall by her bed. So sweet:) It makes me feel helpful.

I'm going out tonight to this little bar near Bobby Jack's house. Terri's gonna be up there shootin' pool for money and I guess I'll hang out with her. I'll know half if not all the people up there anyhow so there will be someone to talk to. I get so tired of just sitting here smoking cigarettes and watching TV. Trixie needs to be fed so I'll take care of that and cook daddy his pork chops. Maybe daddy will give me some money for beer? He'll most certainly give Trixie the bones!


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good week. Mine was crazy busy. When is Jules coming? Did you have fun at the bar the other night? Burgers and fries for us tonight. Prayers from texas


Mary said...

Jules said she was coming at Christmas and aint made it yet! She'll be here sometime in the next week or so. She's talkin to Sam about some money for the trip. Nothing beats a good burger I hope you enjoy 'em :)