Monday, January 11, 2010

A babies to hold, a beer to put down.

Hello beer. I just thought we should spend some time together. We need to stop meetin' up like this, you are no good for me!

I'm not too drunk to write a quick note about yesterday. Everyone came over for dinner which was delicious, anyhow Terri showed up and acted like a bitch and I had been drinking and I told her how I felt about the pickle thing from Christmas. She'd been drinkin' and to make along story short we almost fought. Then Terri said something smart about Jessica gaining weight and the next thing we all know Jessica ended up telling us she's 6 months pregnant! Oh lordy, lordy my baby is having a baby! You know she's not really my baby, she's really Terri's baby but Aunt Gaynelle raises her as her daughter. This is the kinda shit that people talk about saying white trash or hillbillies or redneck country people!

So needless to say I've been drunk since this news come out. Daddy just shook his head and walked outside. We all had such high hopes for Jessica. My beer fills and empties and the truth of the matter is nothing has changed. Jessica won't talk to anyone, she's been in her room since last night. The good thing about this is we all got a baby to look forward too! A baby that needs all of us to grow up!

So sometime tonight I'll stop drinking, walkover to Aunt Gaynelle's and talk to Jessica. We're all gonna be alright. We can raise this baby, and she can still be everything she was looking forward to being. Maybe this is just what I need to grow up! Is this why I'm here?

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