Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday dinner planed.

Spending time here is making me go crazy. Last night I charged up my phone and tried to call Bill the guy I met in Texas with the RV. His phone rang and rang and when a girl picked up she seemed bothered when I asked for Bill. She quickly told me he was asleep and if I was one of his "whores" to lose his number! Jumpin' beans I was just calling to say hello! Was I one of his whores? I never slept with Bill??? We had dinner and I did his laundry! I'm calling him again today and see if I can catch him instead of his new girlfriend who seems to have a real problem with something! Boy I wish women like that would do that kind of thing in person! So brave behind a phone!

Trixie has been keeping me company. She lays on my feet and keeps them warm and I scratch her ears. I love dogs all animals really. Daddy helped one of his friends butcher a hog a few weeks back and for his help daddy got a nice pork roast. I'm gonna fix that today with some sweet potatoes, black eyed peas, okra and tomatoes and biscuits. Makes me so hungry just talking about it! Is this the simple life what I am, what I need to expand a little and just call my own? Collect the good days in a jar add a job, some friends, maybe a boyfriend and I'm set right?? Today I'm not letting it get me down, I'll look up and see what is fun about today and be happy with it. Just that.


Anonymous said...

Your dinner sounds yummy! I know your daddy will be thankful for you cooking all of that for him. At church today the preacher spoke on Luke 24, verse 1-35. It was all about how God always blessed the bread, broke it and then gave it to his people. He does that to us too. God never gives anything away that hasn't been broken. If you are broken(which we all are in some way), you are about to be given. God will always use your bad situation to help someone else who might be going through the same thing. Just remember Mary, God has our lives planned out. He never said it was easy. When you rely on yourself more that you rely on God, you are in trouble. So, lean on him...he will be your rock when you think you are alone.

Save me a spot for dinner, lol.

As always, prayers from Texas

Mary said...

Thanks for the warm kind words! I love your comments! You are my friend :)