Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's left of my heart.

Oh lord my heart weighs heavy. I say Bobby Jack. I guess I'll never not love him. Even though he put me through hell, when I see him I feel like I'm walking on the moon. We spent all day together, just talking catching up and when he left I cried. Maybe it was just nerves, but it felt good. He said he never meant to hurt me and he left me in jail because it kept me away from him and since he was smoking crack, and got me smoking crack, he thought I was safer in jail.

No one has ever loved me but Bobby Jack and daddy of course. He still does I can tell, but he's no good for me. I know this but I can't help but think of him constantly. I tried to call Jules but her damn phones been busy for an hour. Danny said to be strong and just ignore my feeling, it's just not gonna happen. Danny said he's no good either at least not for me.

Taking off to Florida was suppose to be a new life for me and Bobby and it ended up being the worse thing ever. We were going to get married and have a baby. My mind sure was messed up. I've been through so much since then and I feel like I've grown up and matured but seeing him brings me right back. I'll always love him. No one can take his place.

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