Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hanging out with Trixie.

It's so cold outside. All there is to do is stay by the fire. My daddy's friend Tommy brought his dog over here to stay while he's in Virginia looking for work. So now I'm a dog sitter. She's a good dog, I talk to her probably more then I should. Her name is Trixie, it suits her.

Today I'm making chicken and rice for daddy. Aunt Gaynelle is coming over too probably with Jessica for dinner later. It's a cold dull Sunday and this life here is getting old fast. It always does. I could do this for the next 50 years and die or get out and do something. Right now I'd get up and go if I could. I need to talk with my Aunt Gaynelle, she makes since to me. Daddy always just wants me to stay. How can he be so happy just doing the same thing over and over again? Why can't I?


Anonymous said...

I think it is human nature to run sometimes. But, before you do just remember how everytime you always want to go back home. How is Mr. Right going to find you if you are always running from It's cold here(well high of 40 today)...that's pretty cold for Texas, there's even talk of more snow on thursday. I think I might freeze to death. Stay warm, stay put, keep praying. I am sending my prayers towards you as always.

Mary said...

Run might as well be my middle name! Mr. Wrong can always seem to find me, where is Mr. Right? I talked to him today and my heart fell out. It's a slipper rock isn't? Thanks for the prayers!