Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey y'all! I'm not dead!

Where have I been???? Still in New Orleans, stripping and part- time prostitute. I got a couple of real good clients, one's a beef jerky maker. He's my new daddy. He also collects hub caps, but no ones got hub caps on their car anymore. My pimp is a nice guy named Johnelle. He owns a bobcat business but he hasn't run the bob cat in 6 months because it has a flat tire. I got fat eating too much after I get high. My and this guy Jim like to go out to dinner before we screw, he looks at it like a date.

Oh, guess what? Jules wont speak to me anymore. She's a Christian now. She got bit by a snake at church, that made her deaf. I love it here in New Orleans. I got three roommates, all from the club, but it's my place. Christmas was so lame, I didn't get nothing. Daddy sent me a Christmas card with $20. Aunt Gaynell sent me some crocheted slippers, so I guess that is something.

Of all the damnedest things,I had an abortion last week. I'm not really sure whose baby it was, not that it matters. I told Jimbo it was his. I thought he was gonna kick my ass. He didn't, but he didn't help me with it either. I guess I lost another client. Oh well, I worked that night and made my money back. I was a little swollen, but I made my money. Y'all must think I'm a pathetic mess.

Beef Jerky Bearle, he's good to me, even though he's older than my daddy. I don't like his beef jerky but I wouldn't tell him that. I stole a pair of shoes from one of the girls at work. They're a little bit too small, but I like em anyhow. I told John, the club manager, that I saw her doing coke in the bathroom. Beings I've been here the longest, he believed me and fired her. I sure like these new shoes.

I've been drinking a lot with my favorite bartender Peggy. She's a whore too.

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