Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bad decisions.

Time has such a way with slipping by. I've just been working and doing my thing but of course it hasn't been smooth like for most people. I met a nice guy so I thought. He was so different then the other guys I usually date. If you didn't know you'd think he was a college guy, clean cut and smart lookin'. I met him at the club I dance at, which I know is a bad idea. He was just hanging out not interested in the girls dancing, just having a beer. The way he was talkin' to the bouncer I thought he must be friends with him. So I went over and made myself seen cause he is really cute!

Anyhow, one thing led to another and .....he robbed me. Took all my money and the last beer. I should have never invited him over. I was just lonely and he didn't look like the usual losers I seem to attract. I was too embarrassed to say anything to anybody, besides you is suppose to know better then that. After I got over the embarrassment of it all I got mad and cried! He took damn near $500 from me! Plus I believed he was a nice guy! That hurt even more :( I ain't told no one so as not to start anymore trouble. Sometimes I can be so stupid!

Other then that, I been drinking too much. Being in a bar pretty near every night don't help much. New Orleans is a drinkin' place to be so I just went with that and it's making bad decisions for me. Jules said she'd be in town for Easter and I waited but she never came. I'm homesick I guess. Oh Jessica had the baby!! He is so cute and fat! I need to get home to see the baby, I know Jessica wants me to come home for a weekend but since I got robbed I got no money saved. I don't know anymore I give up on trying to figure things out!!

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