Saturday, January 15, 2011

I love Saturdays.

Today was a good day. I had the best hot dog today. I wish I could eat hot dogs everyday. Me an Mr. beef jerky went up to the flea market. He is gonna set up a table there on the weekends to sell his beef jerky. I talked him outta $20 for some new sexy panties and some gold earrings. I'll have to wear 'em for him but I need 'em.

I work tonight. It'll be busy. Daddy sent me a funny card the other day, I wish I could go see him. The card said, "You're awesome just like your daddy!" and it had a picture of a duck. I guess you got to see it. There's no work in Kentucky for me. I've been doing this hustle so long what an I gonna do work at Burger King??? Hell I'm ruined.

I got to make rent tonight. Damn I'm still hungry. I'm getting fat. If I get to much belly I won't fit into my clothes. Even though I don't wear them a lot. Maybe I'll color my hair black?? What do you think??

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